Industries We Serve

Serving Diverse Industries with Unparalleled Facilities Management Solutions


At Facilities1, we understand the diverse and dynamic needs of commercial properties. From Dark Site Surveys to Handyman services and Mobile Welding, our comprehensive range of offerings ensures your commercial spaces are well-maintained, efficient, and safe. As a self-performing company, we guarantee that all services are executed by our in-house team of experienced professionals. We never outsource our work, ensuring consistent quality, responsiveness, and control over every task performed.


Industrial facilities require robust and specialized solutions, and at Facilities1, we’re well-equipped to deliver. We offer everything from Electrical and Plumbing services to Preventative Programs, all aimed at keeping your industrial operations running smoothly. Our self-performing team understands the intricate needs of the industrial sector, providing superior services without the need for outsourcing, ensuring your facility is in the most capable hands at all times.


The retail industry demands a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, and our team at Facilities1 excels in meeting these needs. We provide Lighting, Handyman, and Mobile Welding services to keep your retail spaces attractive, inviting, and safe. Our self-performing approach ensures we retain control over quality and efficiency, providing top-tier, seamless service without outsourcing any work, creating a hassle-free and superior customer experience for you.


Medical facilities require stringent adherence to safety and hygiene standards. At Facilities1, we provide first-class repairs, improvements, construction, plumbing, and electrical services that meet and exceed these demands. As a self-performing service provider, every task is executed by our in-house team, negating the need for outsourcing and ensuring that we comply with all industry-specific regulations and standards.


Financial institutions need reliable, secure, and efficient facility management services. Facilities1 provides Dark Site Surveys, Electrical services, and Preventative Programs designed to address the specific needs of financial institutions. Our self-performing model ensures that our skilled, in-house team executes all work, providing you with the highest level of service and control, without the unpredictability of outsourcing. Trust us to maintain the professionalism and efficiency of your financial establishments with our comprehensive services.